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3D Printing Brisbane: How Important Is It in Healthcare?

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3D Printing Brisbane: How Important Is It in Healthcare?

The 3D printing technology in Brisbane and in other parts of Australia is making it possible for innovations to happen each day, especially in healthcare. Medical device prototypes, medical models, and functional dental applications are just some examples of the very wide capabilities of this technology.

With the help of 3D printing, it has become possible for manufacturers to produce customized medical devices in a more cost-effective way. Aside from this, the technology has been an integral part in surgical planning. Being able to plan, perform, and even perfect a surgery on a medical model that has been printed in 3D has offer numerous benefits. It has greatly reduced complications, as well as the amount of time that a patient has to spend on the operating table, leading to higher success rate.


Customized Tools

Every prosthetic limb, facial reconstruction, and surgical guide needs a high level of customization as each body is different from one another. In Brisbane, with the help of 3D printing, surgeons can now take the scans of their patients and create a 3D model for surgical planning.

In addition, customers from all parts of the world are utilizing this printing technology in order to create functional prostheses. There are now so many patients that can walk around on kneed implants.


Efficient and Innovative Medical Device

At present, so many medical device manufacturers are enjoying the improvement in lead times and the reduced costs of using this 3D technology. Different medical tools can be produced overnight and not several days or even weeks. Traditionally, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to manufacturer a device in aluminum. But with this technology, the lead time can be reduced to two days.


The Future of the Technology in Healthcare

Aside from medical devices and surgical guides, 3D printed parts are now becoming more visible as they are put directly into the patients. Indeed, the healthcare industry is constantly changing and this technology is a solution that helps strengthen this industry by providing numerous benefits to the patients, as well as healthcare professionals.

3D printing technology has been very instrumental in shaping the lives of many people by revolutionizing how things are done. The technology is such a big relief to the healthcare industry; especially that it has paved a way for so many things to be possible at present. There are lot of things and methods that were not possible in the past, but now, the technology has made them all possible.

The technology is just starting to change the healthcare industry in a very positive way and we can definitely expect more of this in the next few years to come and we will all be benefiting from it.