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The Different Types Of Ceramic Tiles

types of ceramic tiles
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The Different Types Of Ceramic Tiles


types of ceramic tiles

In the past Ceramic tiles have been used by consumers from all over the world because of their incredible versatility. The tiles are the finest building materials that offer a variety of texture, colors, and designs to the customers. Ceramic tiles are used in the decoration of floors, countertops, and walls. Today, many people have preferred to use these tiles because they are easy to maintain, and they can last long. Also, these tiles are manufactured with the latest technologies. Thus, there are various types available. With that said below are the different types of ceramic tiles.

Glazed tiles

Clay and water are the main elements contained in glazed tiles. These tiles are formed by the combination of various types of clay. They are dried to negate their moisture content. The colored glaze is coated on the surfaces of these tiles to give them a smooth appearance. Glazed tiles are used on walls to enhance the décor of a room with an array of colors and designs. These tiles are mainly used in offices and shopping malls. The tiles appear similar to natural stones.

Wall tiles

There are different types of wall tiles, and most them are available in smooth and matte finishing, thus, making them appear beautiful on walls. The glazed tiles are preferably used as wall tiles because the tiles tend to be slippery when wet and thus the wall tiles are commonly used on counter tops rather than on the floors.

Porcelain tiles

The porcelain tiles are among the most favored ceramic pool tiles. These tiles are known to be resistance to wear and tear and also they can resist moisture and stain. The tiles are easy to maintain and have elegance appearance. Also, these tiles are widely used in homes and offices. There are assortments of designs and colors among these tiles that you can find today and are suits best to most pool accessories.

In conclusion, the popularity growth in the usage of ceramic tiles for different purposes is attributed to their superior and indescribable features.