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Durable Choice of Commercial Pool Tiles

durable choice
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Durable Choice of Commercial Pool Tiles

Commercial pool tiles needs to have a higher firing temperature and more superior materials formulate porcelain as a hard, durable tile choice.

Porcelain tiles are the ideal choice for commercial projects floors walls and bathrooms which are approached with a vast choice of colours, sizes and textures. There are two types of porcelain tiles available, namely through-bodied or glazed. In addition these tiles also comes in three variations such as glazed, polished or glazed finish, but the glazed tiles are the most popular porcelain tile variety.

Through-bodied porcelain tiles signify that the tile’s colour composition and texture is identical right through the tile. Tiles are made from a clay, sand and mineral mixture that is formed and then fired at high temperatures. Through-bodied porcelain tiles are exceptionally strong, durable and able to bear cold temperatures. These tiles are slip and scratch and damage resistant.

The Glazed porcelain tiles also uses the same materials as through-bodied porcelain tiles and is fired in a kiln and has a glazed finish. The glaze is usually painted and is a glass type coating that is baked into the facade which gives the tile its final colour. Majority of homeowners use these tiles because of the durability and the variety of colours and textures available. These tiles can appear glossy and extremely durable and highly stain-proof.

Once you plan to build, repair or remodel your swimming pool, you must consider selecting tiles which gives a significant difference to the look of your pool, as well as in the overall decor of your outdoor lounging area.

Swimming pool tiles are always a most visually striking part of a swimming pool. These tiles present an aesthetic as well as well-designed element. Many customers expect their swimming pool tiles to provide good looks, ambiance and design to enhance their countryside.

Similar to your kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool tile sare also available in a virtually infinite range of styles, colours, shapes, and types of swimming pool tiles. Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles, Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles, glass, brick, stone swimming pool tiles are all available in the global market.