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Gastric Bypass Surgery Australia: What to Watch Out for Before the Procedure

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Australia: What to Watch Out for Before the Procedure

Gastric Bypass Surgery Australia: What to Watch Out for Before the Procedure

Weight loss surgeries in Australia have been very helpful, especially to those who are suffering from obesity and being overweight. The different procedures like gastric bypass surgery have saved a lot of people to live a normal life.

Gastric bypass is one of the most commonly performed procedures. If you are planning to undergo the said surgery, you need to know some of the prerequisites before having it. Doing so will make sure that will make sure that you indeed qualify for such type of weight loss surgery.

Things to Watch Out for Before the Surgery

Criteria for Obesity

Regardless of how much you want to undergo a gastric bypass surgery in Australia, you need to check your BMI and it should not be over 35. In some cases, the limit could be 30 if there are some obesity-related disorders in place.

Medical Condition

In every planned surgery, your medical condition is compulsory, with accident and emergency procedures as exception. Such routine checkup is a way to evaluate if there are any medical conditions that could worsen because of the surgery. As soon as it has been confirmed that all vital functions are normal, then the procedure can be performed.


The majority of age groups are qualified for the surgery. But, this is not advisable for those who are below 18 years old. The procedure is clinically safe, but is not for younger than 18 as the surgery could have permanent effects and a patient below this age is not mature enough to make such an important decision.

Nutrition and Weight History

A patient who is suffering from obesity for some period of time with no positive results in losing weight with exercise and dieting can be qualified to undergo the surgery.

Motivational Status

In some cases, this may sound irrelevant. But in terms of making permanent changes in lifestyle and body, this becomes a valuable point. You need to be fully prepared for the post-operative phase.

Psychological Status

A weight loss surgery is not just a procedure, but it is more of a transformation. Therefore, attending a counselling with the right personnel will be very valuable to help you deal with the changes that will happen after the surgery.

As soon as the panel of doctors have approved that you are qualified after checking all these points, then the procedure can take place. Waiting for the go signal from these health professionals is very important to make sure that you are making an informed decision.

So, for those who think that a gastric bypass is their last hope to lose weight, they should talk to medical professionals who can help them make the right decision and if they are indeed qualify to have this surgery or not.