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How To Service A Compressor

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How To Service A Compressor

Servicing an air compressor is an important event that should be taken seriously. This is the routine maintenance that allows the machine to keep at optimal performance, and keep the machines life expectancy to its’ maximum. This is also important because of safety reasons. It is simple to service your air compressor yourself, and even easier to have a company service it for you.

It is not that uncommon for people today to service their own air compressor. This is usually an attempt to save money until they can afford to take it into a company for proper servicing. When you service your air compressor, you should start checking certain parts. You should start by checking something simple like the air vents. These should be kept clean so the machine doesn’t get clogged up. To keep the air vents clean use a damp rag and wipe them off. This is rather simple and only takes a few seconds. The air filter is another part that should be checked when servicing the compressor. This is as simple as removing the air filter and running water over it to ensure that there is no dirt left. The important thing to remember is to dry the air filter before you replace it in the machine. This will prevent damage to the inside of the air compressor.

The only way to make sure the machine is running properly is to look at the gauges. This is why the gauges are one of the most important parts of the machine. When servicing the gauges someone should make sure they are securely on the machine. Then, they will want to clean the gauges off with a damp rag, to ensure that they are easily readable. There are some people that will also drain something like the oil to make sure that the gauges realize that the oil is not at proper levels. This is a good safety measure to practice every couple months.

The best route for compressor service is, of course, calling the company professionals. This is a very simple task and is the easiest way to ensure that the compressor is properly maintained. When the company services the air compressor they search the machine for any worn parts that need to be replaced. Then, they usually top off the oil and any other fluids. This leaves the machine working properly and with great parts. The compressor service price varies from location to location but is usually a very fair price for the service. Now everyone can make sure their air compressor is properly serviced