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Poly Diesel Tanks VS Steel Tanks: Which One to Choose?

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Poly Diesel Tanks VS Steel Tanks: Which One to Choose?

Whether you are involved in growing grains, cattle rearing, or production in factories that needs the use of machine, in one way or the other you will be needing diesel. When there is a need for diesel, then tanks such as steel or poly diesel tanks will be necessary. As much as fuel is needed, it also needs to be stored properly and effectively.

There are two types of fuel storage containers that are often used- poly tanks and steel tanks. Both of these are available in the market and can be used of storing purposes. Choosing the right one for your specific needs is important and below are some pointers to help you choose better.


Choosing the Best Tank for your Need


Poly and steel are two different materials. When it’s about storage, you should look at the different aspects of the product. For steel tanks, they can go through condensation when you let it out under the sun and moisture may start to build up. The water that comes out from the fuel tanks can be harmful to the engine. But with poly tanks, no such thing happens. Although they are lighter in weight, they provide better protection because they have thicker walls.


Any type of diesel tank is not used solely. There will be a need for some parts such as gun, hose, and pump that will be used. If you choose poly tanks, there is no need for these things to be assembled, thus no need to buy it differently. But for steel types, the parts are bought differently which means additional cost.


It’s not easy to carry steel fuel tanks because they are heavy. They are also fixed in the truck bed and have bolts through the mounting surface. On the other hand, poly diesel is lighter, making them easier to carry. They have lifting handles and can be strapped down if you prefer not to fix them permanently.



These two tanks are made using different materials and ways. Steel types are welded that allows space for the possibility of leakage on its seam. For poly tanks, they are made up of a single piece with no seams. They also do not get rust even after a long time.


When it comes to cost, these two vary so much. Steel tanks tend to be costly because you need to buy the parts differently. But for poly tanks, they are less expensive and easy to use, which will allow you to save time when assembling the parts.

The points mentioned above will be able to help you to decide better which one is best for you. Choosing the right one would mean that you will be saving money, time, and effort. Most importantly, you can utilize your tank in the best way and longest time possible.